marriage counseling videos

Question: ok i think me and my hubby need marriage counseling. but hubby said he thinks were ok. but i hate when he rolls his eyes when i talk about something and when he is playing video games and we dont talk and i say what do you want to talk about? he says i dont care whatever you want. and it makes me sad and when i start to talk about something like i said he rolls his eyes or huffs do you think marriage counseling might help? has it helped anyone else? thanks for any help
how can we maybe learn to talk more?

Answer: I think marriage counseling would probably help, but if your husband refuses, you can probably still work it out on your own. Reading books on improving your marriage can help too.

I recommend this author’s books:
They are Christian books about marriage, but have valuable info on how to relate to each other even for non-Christians. I wish I’d read them years ago!

Another book that was helpful for me to begin to understand the differences between men and women is “Men Are From Mars” by secular author John Gray.