105 year old romantic author talks of 123 novel career

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  1. Marc Owens Says:

    Wow 105

  2. vincent7520 Says:

    Not nice at all … 105 is way too old ! Can you believe that her daughter
    must be between 75 and 85 and that she cannot take care of her own aging
    life because she has to take care of her mother ???… This not a nice thing
    we give to our children. I am 65 and I certainly do not want to live that
    long and be a burden to my only daughter who will have children when I am
    old. Nah !…

  3. ya000ful Says:

    maybe she has caretakers? she has enough money for them, how do you know
    what he daughter does? When you’re about to die you’ll be begging to “god”
    to stay alive a little longer that’s for sure.

  4. vincent7520 Says:

    Maybe. I’m not deluding myself, I’m no hero. Still I do think that one
    cannot live “forever” : my grand mother died at the age of 102 and I do
    know that her four children found it a burden to take care of her although
    she was definitely more alert that this elderly woman seems to be. Actually
    they did find her death a relief when she died although they loved her a
    lot. Same for me when my mother died at 92 and she did have caretakers and
    enough money. Strain is psychological not financial.

  5. longhairfan Says:

    Her daughter was born in 1944 making her 70. SHe was born late in Ida’s

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