A Cynic’s Guide to Romance Writing

14 Responses to “A Cynic’s Guide to Romance Writing”

  1. t1 Says:

    i like how you’re just like, randomly holding a hedgehog at the beginning
    haha. BTW google “longmire does romance novels” if you haven’t already.
    That always gives me a laugh.

  2. Duncan Wright Says:

    Very cynical indeed! Also, writing romance is hard if you try and deviate!

  3. chihuahuazero Says:

    The combination of your accent, your dress, and the hedgehog adds flavor to
    an “oh-so-true-eye-roll” video.

  4. Quill Café Says:

    Quillbert is the overlord of Quill Café. He wasn’t in the last video, so I
    had to appease him. Those spoof covers are $5 worth of priceless!

  5. Quill Café Says:

    I’m happy to say I’ve never written straight-up romance. Oh, the innuendo
    in that sentence alone…

  6. Quill Café Says:

    Yay! Always good to share with flair.

  7. russodd Says:

    This video reminds me of the concept of the “Mary Sue,” which isn’t limited
    to romance, and is a common feature of fan fiction. Are you familiar with
    it? It’s when an author introduces a character who’s too good to be true,
    and who’s CLEARLY an author surrogate. Example: A new American transfer
    student comes to Hogwarts. She has the most beautiful red hair, and violet
    eyes, and she knows spells that even Hermione doesn’t, and she talks to
    unicorns, and Harry has a crush on her, and… YEESH.

  8. Quill Café Says:

    Aye. When I was younger I used to think a Mary Sue was a super girly-girl
    but yes, it is the plague of the perfect. Haha, I actually know a character
    who has red hair and purple eyes but I don’t consider her to be a Mary Sue.
    Been years since I read those books, though.

  9. TeneoIamTandem Says:

    This is brilliant! 🙂

  10. Idunn Yr Says:

    I will never need to read another romance novel, thank you 🙂

  11. Quill Café Says:

    I try! ♥

  12. Quill Café Says:

    Your challenge is to find one that doesn’t have these tedious qualities.

  13. thestrangemango Says:

    Your videos are freaking brilliant. I love these so much!!

  14. Quill Café Says:

    Ah, thank you! ♥ I love the cynic ones because they allow me to bring out
    my inner snark.

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