How to write a GREAT Romance by Leigh Barbour

8 Responses to “How to write a GREAT Romance by Leigh Barbour”

  1. gingerwoman555 Says:

    Wow that was awesome!

  2. Stephan Townsend Says:

    i have to say. im writing a romance novel right now, and it is almost the
    exact opposite, with the acception of the fact that it is character driven.

  3. ToxicWitchling Says:

    May I say, i find it disturbing that people prefer romantic books that are
    around for a few years before falling into obscurity over classical pieces
    of literature that are renown through the decades.

  4. angeliqiue Says:

    wow. this really sucks.

  5. Wanda M. Richards Says:

    Angelique, I’m very sorry you feel that way. What were you hoping for? Are
    you trying to write romance?

  6. GameMasterShania Says:

    This really won’t help with my writing.

  7. Remus Spivkani Says:

    Since I can tell you’re a brony, my best advise is to write a fimfic or few
    and build from there.

  8. GameMasterShania Says:

    I’m going to say what I say all the time… I don’t like MLP anymore. Got

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