Meljean’s Five Easy Steps to Writing Romance

6 Responses to “Meljean’s Five Easy Steps to Writing Romance”

  1. Angelica Santos Says:

    I’m a romance reader and I have to say I agree all accounts. (You NEED to
    have a “well endowed” hero).

  2. moonstarspell Says:

    lol it’s all true

  3. jasmineblackromance Says:

    so cute. loved it

  4. texastigerlily Says:

    Too funny!

  5. ebridges707 Says:

    lmfao!….great stuff…I am a writer of romance and this tells it all…lol

  6. winterose Says:

    Really awesome video. I was lookin on youtube for advice on becomming a
    romance novelist….THE BEST! hahaha

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