Music for Writing I The Phantom Music

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  1. MaLynne Harrill Says:

    Using this music as I write my newest book series. (My only book series
    I’ll allow to see the light of day.)

  2. Travis Montgomery Says:

    This playlist has brought together a bunch of fellow writers, I just now
    realized. That makes me curious, what is everyone else writing?

  3. TeamPVPWolves Says:

    1:47:26 – John O’Callaghan – Find Yourself
    This song should of been in the movie Divergent

  4. Heather S. Says:

    Anyone else using this for fan fiction writing in particular? No? Okay. 

  5. Joe Bloobis Says:

    Only white people would ever watch this video.

  6. Joe Bloobis Says:

    Oh, and if you’ve decided to drop in and look at the comments on this
    video, don’t. Down here you will find the most pretentious fucks on the
    face of the earth. You will lose all faith in humanity’s humility on the
    basis of the sheer ostentatious bullshit on this page.
    Damn good music, though.

  7. Winry Mittens Says:

    I love listening to musics while making up stories in my mind. With this
    music, I can imagine a princess who was born with a magic power but was
    trapped in the dungeon by her own parents to keep her safe.

    0:30 = The kingdom was attacked. She struggled to get out, destroying the
    whole place with her magic powers. She had gotten out, but only to find the
    whole kingdom was on fire.

    1:42 = She searched for her parents. The king and the queen. But to her
    dismay, their bodies were found floating along the river.

    3:00 = She had escaped into the forests while wiping her tears.

    Oh– I’d love to daydream more. 

  8. bradley wilshire Says:

    I’m writing a story about a detective investigating a murder on a farm, the
    characters are all animals and the victim is a pig. It sounds comedic but
    in actual fact it gets quite dark.

  9. OnlyAGear Says:

    I’m writing essays for my college applications ;-;

  10. discoveringcatia Says:

    i love how so many aspiring writers are coming together in the coments :D

  11. shinyasora11 Says:

    I love how so many writers have come together for this video, it’s very
    inspiring :)

  12. Mihela Qungik Says:

    I just started writing about a guy who gets accidentaly chosen as a sort of
    “gate keeper” (he can pass through to another world with the help of the
    guy who chose him, though both parties are needed) and whenever he goes
    over to the other world he has to be at a special place and make a smal cut
    on his right hand. Every “gate keeper” has a scarr-ish pale circle on their
    right hand so that others can identify them, but most have a necklace or
    something else wearable that makes normal people unable to see this circle
    or, if they where injured by anything in the other world, nobody, even
    “gate keepers”, can see the injuries. (that has to do with the romantic
    plot, btw.) Still don’t know if I will call them “gate keepers” or
    something else, because I’m writing in Swedish and it sounds kind of weird
    if I write that in English or if I translate it. Also don’t know if the
    romantic intressed is going to be a guy or a girl. Does anyone have any
    ideas? It’d be really helpful! :)

  13. Christopher Knox Says:

    Been looking for a while. This has been the best for thinking while
    writing. Thank you.

  14. MoggieFish Says:

    Using this music to help me write my latest novel- hoping to get this one
    published :D

  15. Hanging out with Corpses Says:

    This music reminds me of old DnD RPGs.

  16. Tiera Danheux Says:

    When the skyrim music came on I cried :’)

  17. Sarah Thomas Says:

    Oh my God. These are all my favourite songs. I don’t even know.

  18. Jojo Super Says:

    this is perfect for supernatural, magical, fantasy fiction novels!!! idk if
    I made any sense xD

  19. OldDrunkBastard Says:

    My fanfiction is about steampunk Magic horses and time travel if anyone

  20. DreamingSkychild Says:

    So I am currently listening to this, and you the creator, thus far, have
    selected my utmost favourite songs, and woven them all together in such a
    beautiful splendour. Thank you so much. I am so overjoyed; my heart is
    truly soaring! <3

  21. Oonagh O' Malley Says:

    I’m writing a story on Wattpad called “The Boy who have her the stars”
    while I’m listening to this! Thanks! x

  22. Matt D Says:

    1:08:21 when i heard this i was writing a WoW story, and i swear i’d just
    gotten to the big reveal of the Lich King, and i was like “HOLY CRAP THIS
    IS EPIC”

  23. X249J Says:

    Anybody else doing a stageplay?

  24. Faith Good Says:

    I started listening to this and do to this music I’ve started writing a
    story about a girl who goes to see her “very important listener” twice a
    week, so he can write everything that isn’t wrong with her down on paper(as
    she says). All for the reason that she stabbed a dog to death because it
    tried to eat her when she was seven. She’s starts off seventeen but as soon
    as you reach chapter two a whole year has passed and she’s eighteen. Anyway
    my mind must be messed up…. it’s also late or early depending on how you
    look at it so forgive me for any punctuation typos.

  25. Force Corruption - Gaming Done Right Says:

    I was writing a story and a friend sent me a link to this. The begining is
    good for some of those mysterious parts.

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