Office Spat and Romantic Novel Lover introducing “Love Advocacy: A Novel”

25 Responses to “Office Spat and Romantic Novel Lover introducing “Love Advocacy: A Novel””

  1. TheXCharlesX Says:

    This was a beautiful video with a touching song. Keep em coming!

  2. ToxicOutcasts Says:

    This was a really good video. Please make more, I loved it !

  3. Jessica Langley Says:

    I have got to read this book, I have never seen such a clever ad for a self
    published book. Great Job!

  4. xxSHIKARIxx | PattyG18 Says:

    This advert looks so professional. I just got the book! :D

  5. The Past Tense Says:

    Great video for this. Very well done! The tune works with it perfectly as
    well. Excellent job, thanks for posting it up and cheers! Take care.

  6. Hoàng Ngọc Thanh Says:

    video is great, amazing video, hope so up load more video.i am looking you

  7. Riaz Mirza Says:

    THANK YOU, this is epic i cant wait for more videos like this 🙂 great
    video deserved my like

  8. Paculucu Suculucu Says:

    That’s a great video. Nice work, keep working and i hope to see more of
    your videos.

  9. sonic0028 Says:

    fantatsic video man nice keep up the good work cool man nice

  10. Huynh Kudo Says:

    I like this! thank so much. Cheers and keep em coming! đón chờ video mới

  11. Paul Alex Says:

    its realy heart touching music.. its awsome keep it up and keep uploading
    videos lik this thanks for the post .. its realy awsomeeee !!!

  12. scooty williams Says:

    Nice professional video and i would like to say this was a very beautiful
    video with perfect professional background sound quality.

  13. Rogue Says:

    This advert looks very professional. Keep up the good work. I’ma subscriber
    fore more.

  14. QuestTV Says:

    Very nice video, nice quality! And yeah, im subbed! +liked and shared,
    gogogogoog ! XD

  15. progamr88 Says:

    this advert is amazing keep making more i am loving these nice job bro keep
    it up

  16. Marshall Mathers Says:

    nice video this is good keep it up you earned a sub :)

  17. KamoraLegends Says:

    Beautiful song, beautiful animation really postarałeś. Congratulations.
    This song stirs a lot of emotions. Regards

  18. banan copperfield Says:

    damn… nice work… keep doin this, waiting for more… really enjoyed
    this one, upload more videos…

  19. Bowie F/A Left Stun Says:

    I’m not a really romantic person I’m kind of old fashion I would say 

  20. deedeeroman Says:

    this is pretty awesome. keep it up with these. can not wait to see more
    from you soon

  21. Cacharito Rivera Says:

    Great idea the style of the nole and the title. Very interesting plot.
    Good work. Bless!!

  22. Axelsminecraft Says:

    Nice work… Keep it up. I can’t wait for more thats why I subbed!!! Thanks
    a lot!

  23. PhuGamer4life Says:

    Nice trailer romantic video you uploaded right here 🙂 I will check the
    book out sometimes 🙂 Thanks for the info

  24. Blitzninja9 Says:

    Looks so professional! Keep up the good work! This looks really nice!

  25. Van Lyfe Says:

    I dont know anyone who reads anymore besides myself. Ill be sure to check
    this out and maybe even read it :0

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