PHR Romance Writing Workshop

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  1. Agnes Reyes Says:

    Thank you, Jonnie, for this video. I’m glad you enjoyed the workshop as
    much as I do. Waiting to evaluate your first manuscript. Good luck!

  2. Jonnie Anzures Says:

    Alam ko puwede Miss Kimberly. Punta ka na lang sa website, tapos mag-member
    ka ng PHR Forum.

  3. Jonnie Anzures Says:

    Thanks po Miss Aie09. Magsa-submit na po ako this December 2008 ng aking
    entry sa PHR Contest. Sana manawari’y “pagpalain”!

  4. love bwatir Says:

    two years from now, aatend aki diyan…at tulad nina ate sonia, hindi ako
    titigil hanggat hindi nag-succeed… thanks po sa video na ito… i’m so
    touch and sobrang inggit dahil personal ninyong nakita si ms. sonia
    francesca, aww!!!

  5. Jonnie Anzures Says:

    Thanks for the nice comment aqualove212! I suggest, ngayon pa lang,
    magsulat ka na or mag-research ka na ng husto for your writing career.
    Kapag nagsimula ka ng magsulat, it will take a lot of your time, effort and
    maybe some resources. So, paghandaan mo na! It’s like getting married —
    writing demands commitment, patience and commitment (did I say it requires

  6. Lalays3b0708 Says:

    wow..gusto ko din magjoin dito.. pero malayo e.. yan hanggang forum n lng
    akoh!!!! waah!!!

  7. iceehil Says:

    anu yung software na ginamit mo sa paggawa ng video? anyways, kainggit
    naman! nameet mo si ate sonia!! Fave ko xa at si ate sofia ba yun? basat,
    nakalimutan ko yung name weh.. haha.. nakakatuwa kasi yung stories nila..
    at super kileeg!! haha!

  8. patit888 Says:

    hi are u related to PHR?…i really want to write novels but i dnt know how
    to start or how to pattern up really amaze how the PHR writers,
    write such beautiful novels..ever since i was i dream to become a
    novelist..hhuhuhuhu poor me!

  9. Jonnie Anzures Says:

    Hello, Patit, Lalays and IceHil! Thank you very much for your comments!
    Patit, I’m not with PHR — I’m just a fellow reader and fan like you.
    Although, I’ll be writing one of these days! Lalays, Don’t lose hope! You
    can start learning how to write by reading “how to” books and joining other
    seminars. IceHil, I use Sony’s Vegas 7 for the video. I also admire Ate
    Sonia’s work. She’s really committed with her craft.

  10. yamato9nadeshiko Says:

    ate che..(sonia francesca)..ang kyut ng boses mo..idol na idol kita and
    also ate je(sofia)..and ate pret.(keene alicante.)..sna ma meet ko kayo one
    of diz days..more powers sa inyong lahat!…wuuuuu…yeboi!

  11. 25lyresh Says:

    weeeeeeee!! i also registered last saturday..Grabe nga hirap ng test…sana
    makapasa… May picture pa ko with Rose Tan..ang saya!!

  12. 23shammara Says:

    hi!!juz wanna know how 2 join the phr forum?tnx…

  13. kewlchinita29 Says:

    tagal ko na to pinapanuod pero now lang ako naka comment hehe.. kuya jonnie
    miss ko na kau! grabeh ndi ko pa natatapos novel ko haha!

  14. reinrussell canillas Says:

    sana one day makasali din ako jan….

  15. punkedshannon05 Says:

    sayang daw ang papel..hahahaha…kaloka si SF.. the best ka talaga!

  16. Ipomoea Omilig Says:

    Aww I wonder lng kng mabibigyan aq ng chance na maka-join sa group ng
    PHR…I love writing ksi and I want to live my dream…sigh*
    nakakachapter-8 na aq ahaha go go go aq sa pagsusulat eh

  17. cel074 Says:

    Hi, I really wanted to be a novel writer since my teenage years. I tried
    some stories but I was not confident to submit them to publishers. How can
    I be one of the precious romance writers? What should I do?

  18. Jonnie Anzures Says:

    @cel074 Hello Cel! Just visit the Precious Hearts Romances website or find them at Facebook. You can ask them about how to be a PHR
    writer. Hope this helps.

  19. Julia Avelino Says:

    I’m a 3rd yr high school and love na love ko ang magsulat ng phr novels. So
    pwede ba kahit highschool palang ako? And Pano ko ba maissubmit yung nagawa
    kong book? Please help 🙂

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