Stewie on Brian’s novel

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  1. S1rWakka Says:

    Level 6 lol

  2. Turd Ferguson Says:

    hahaha. then there’s the one where Brian hits him with the book.

  3. Sherri Koh Says:

    It’s funny how Stewie says it has been 3 years Brian writes on his novel,
    yet he is just 1 year old. Hahhahaha.

  4. Juice8815 Says:

    working on that for quite some time huh…yea, talking about that 3 years
    ago…been working on that the whole time? lol

  5. Joshua extreme rules Says:

    1:52 is funny

  6. El Oso Guapo Says:

    Stewie is such a dick!

  7. Simran Ajimal Says:

    Do you notice how his neck and face goes up as his voice gets higher?

  8. Zutarababe09 Says:

    George R. R Martin’s publisher…

  9. Osman Bektaşoğlu Says:

    Got a?

  10. Thomas Tobin Says:

    *#7 Family Guy (1999 – )*

    +Paul Gipson said that this was better than The Simpsons, +Michael Clark said
    that Futurama was better than the Simpsons, I think someone else said
    something was better than something else too. I am saying that this is
    better than every single show I have ever seen bar 6. In retrospect that
    is possibly not true but this is still just about as funny a show as I have
    ever seen.

    Songs about paedophiles, treating Meg like crap, the occasional absurdity –
    all in all, nearly enough to excuse them for making The Cleveland Show (and
    that other one about the CIA and the alien).

    Just kidding about American Dad, by the way, Michael.

    *Tobin score: 73.9*


  11. Zizun Mee Says:

    this is probably one of the best sarcasm I have ever seen xD

  12. Parasectesque Says:


  13. OhhhItsKainee Says:

    LOL still great. Add the third one in!

  14. Sickabodsane Says:

    It’s like a Beatles song.

  15. David Figueroa Says:

    Ty Moss

  16. justin kilburn Says:

    Like this comment if ty moss sent you.

  17. Lizzie Tesfaye Says:

    Here from Ty moss’s blog 

  18. Wesley Pena Says:

    Ty Moss

  19. Meneer de Kaas Says:

    what the hell is ty moss

  20. Oscarthegrouch9 Says:

    tys vlog lol XD

  21. Jeremy Peterson Says:

    shut the fuck up with Ty Moss you guys are faggots for not being able to
    find this yourselves

  22. Shirko Khalil Rekani PAGY Says:

    Can you guys give me the link where Brian is trying to do the same as

  23. Mike Royal Says:

    Axis In class crash tv news

  24. TheLegendaryLegendOfLegends Says:

    This is what my 8th grade Social Studies teacher will show us when we have
    absoloutly nothing to do in class.

  25. Rossin21 Says:

    The funny thing is. I am a writer, it does take me years to complete my
    novels, AND my name is Brian. So people have sent me this video soooooooo
    many times. It’s hilarious, because it’s so true about me.

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