| Top 10 Best Romance Novels ever written

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  1. Nicolette Davis Says:

    If you havent, read Wuthering Heights. One of my favorites with Pride and

  2. bludgerable Says:

    ive read twilight, no i prefer the noughts and crosses series by malorie
    blackman, particularly the series finale, Double cross

  3. h4rder10 Says:

    Only 984 views after 5/6 months. We’re really romantic aren’t we :/

  4. Bella Anna Says:

    if someone’s on the lookout for sensual love, I suggest “The Humming Bird-
    Madness in Crescendo”, it’s a new and really AMAZING book! A friend gave it
    to me for my birthday and I must say, I loved it!

  5. keelctm Says:

    jane austen <3

  6. TheSemukas Says:

    Twilight Elipse, not joking :DDD I think it is on Top 10 Worst Romance
    Novels ever written

  7. Jasmine Rudnik Says:

    beautiful disaster should be on this list <3

  8. chrisellaa Says:

    Pride and Prejudice should be in the video

  9. harpy eaglelover Says:

    Why? Just wondering why everyone hates on twighlight (i only watched the
    first film so i have no idea what the rest is like XD)

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