Why I Write Interracial Romance Novels

5 Responses to “Why I Write Interracial Romance Novels”

  1. NicoleMckoyy Says:
  2. phillyshygirl88 Says:

    I have a nook simple touch from barnes and noble do you have books there i
    see you do on kindle 

  3. certifedbish Says:

    I’m a huge fan of your interracial romance books! My favorite is About That
    Life. Do you have a book with a white female and black male?

  4. Globalman43 Says:

    I agree with you. I desire to write my own Interracial romance stories not
    for the fame, have a fan base and supportive circle of people who will
    appreciate my writing.

  5. Sophia G Says:

    I know, when people meet me they call me an oreo because I don’t act the
    same way they precieve black people and it’s and annoying and offensive.

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