Cute, Trendy Jewelry!❤

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  1. BreeAnn Barbie Says:

    Who likes jewelry?! Thumbs up the video if YOU do! :D

  2. Janet Wehner Says:

    Ha ha! I wear a size 5 ring, too. Hard to find :)

  3. Jack Walsh Says:

    You changed your tragus! :)

  4. thefinegals Says:

    I love the skeleton hand ring, it’s so cute! I’m definitely gonna check out
    this website cuz I’m suppose to wear a size 4 ring too and I can never find
    ones small enough! haha :)

  5. Miranda Griffith Says:

    I’m so glad you made a video about this website. The jewelry is adorable,
    it’s just my style. I ended up purchasing 3 necklaces. The couple giraffe,
    the cz turtle necklace & the superman. I also got the 3 star earrings so
    now we’re twinning 😉 & other earrings I thought were perfect for summer, &
    an anklet. <3

  6. BiteDown13 Says:

    The jewelry is so adorable, Bree! I love them. I do have one thing to
    mention though, and the second ring you showed is actually a Fleur-de-lis,
    not a knight symbol. It’s pronounced fleur-de-lee, and it’s a lily, but in
    a decorative design and it’s of French decent. I live in Ontario, Canada,
    really close to Quebec and fleur-de-lis are very popular here lol. It
    really is a beautiful ring!

  7. amanda cable Says:

    Omg I love all those thank you for saying my name that meant a lot to me
    love all your videos 

  8. amanda cable Says:

    Omg I love all those thank you for saying my name that meant a lot to me
    love all your videos 

  9. Catherine Icon Says:

    So cute! ^_^

  10. TayTaY Says:

    Is this jewlery like sterling sliver ? 

  11. cherries4100 Says:

    Can I just say the pcs u picked out BreeAnn r darling!!;) Each pc is cute
    in its own way;D Nice review girl.

  12. laura castillo Says:

    I’m getting my tragus pierced soon too! Do you recommend getting a hoop or
    a stud? 

  13. Courtney Jordan Says:

    So beautiful! Love them!

  14. Geester Emz Says:

    I absolutely love that daisy necklace it’s so cute and elegant!! :’) and I
    love the earrings too their jewellery is so nice x

  15. Mason Froyd Says:

    BreeAnn you should do an updated foundation routine !!

  16. Cannibal Amy XOxO Says:

    I don’t mean to be a brat but I know you focus on detail and I love you,
    knuckle rings are actually called Mid-Rings, or at least that is what my
    company calls them. Can’t wait for future stuff from you 🙂 Sorry if that
    sounded mean.

  17. jocelyn garcia Says:

    You are pretty awesome!

  18. buckeyexroots Says:

    I love the skeleton ring. It’s super cute and suits you so well! I also
    love the knuckle ring and the shooting star earrings. <3 

  19. Breanna Lovell Says:

    Does anyone know if the rings make your fingers turn green ?

  20. BreeAnn Barbie Says:

    +Breanna Lovell No, they don’t. :)

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