Fashion Haul: Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas, Shoes, Jewelry – Conservative & Trendy |BeautyBuzzHub|

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  1. skylilly1 Says:

    Everything you bought is super cute! I bought a burnt orange/dark red dress
    for a wedding in a couple of weeks…I hope it doesn’t snow by then, its
    outside! The reception is at a lodge with a huge fireplace…should be
    nice! I’ll wear some Heidi Daus jewelry…she’s my fave.

  2. 08oceanview Says:

    Both the wedding outfits are gorgeous!! And two uploads in one day?!! Yeah

  3. maria macneil Says:

    Love the outfits…you will look great

  4. Pinkiericegurl Says:

    I really love your lip color and your taste for fashion.

  5. DenimNPearls0000 Says:

    Awesome outfits, you have great taste. And WoW coupons for shoes??? Did I
    hear right???

  6. jcjccmz Says:

    what a fun video. you’re so cute when you’re excited about the great stuff
    you got. great choice on the clark’s platform pumps. they look very

  7. Adriana Pina Says:

    That lip is amazing on you! Also what kind of lighting do you use?

  8. The1234Coucou Says:

    Where did you get those bandolino shoes? They are gorgeous!!

  9. cprecopio Says:

    Love the dresses and shoes!!! The Clark’s shoes are beautiful and def worth
    the investment! Comfortable shoes are a necessity…I don’t care how cute
    they are, if they hurt my feet and cause bleeding and blisters they are
    going in the garbage!! I’m too old for that crap! Love your fashion and
    beauty hauls 😉

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